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Embrace Autumn's Beauty: Fall Makeup Trends for 2023

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it's time to transition your makeup routine to embrace the enchanting beauty of fall. Fall makeup trends for 2023 are all about celebrating the warm and cozy vibes of the season while adding a touch of drama and sophistication. From rich berry tones to bold metallic accents, this season's makeup trends offer something for everyone. Let's explore the top fall makeup trends that will have you looking fabulous all season long.

Berry Lips

Photo of woman with berry lip gloss

One of the most iconic fall makeup trends is the return of rich, berry-toned lips. Deep reds, plums, and burgundy shades are perfect for adding a touch of drama to your makeup look. Whether you prefer a classic matte finish or a glossy shine, there's a berry lip color for every occasion. Pair your bold lip with neutral eye makeup to let your pout take center stage or go for a sultrier look with smoky eyes.

GET THE LOOK: Evalina's Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Berry is the perfect shade for the season ahead. This beautiful berry gloss can be worn day or night and will keep your lips nourished and moisturized with a long-lasting shine.

Earthy Eyeshadows


This fall, eyeshadow palettes are filled with earthy and warm tones, reminiscent of the changing leaves. Shades like burnt orange, terracotta, and deep brown are perfect for creating a soft, smoky eye look. These earthy hues complement a wide range of eye colors and can be worn both day and night. Add a pop of shimmering gold or copper to your eyelids for a glamorous touch.

GET THE LOOK: Evalina's Shimmer Eyeshadow Sticks in Rose Gold is a beautiful earthy shade for this fall season with its easy to wear gold tones to create the perfect smoky look with a shimmer of colour.

Metallic Accents 

Woman with metallic eyeshadow and highlighter

Metallic makeup has been making a statement in recent years, and this trend continues into fall 2023. Experiment with metallic eyeliners, eyeshadows, and highlighters to add a touch of shimmer to your makeup look. Copper and bronze shades are particularly popular this season, adding warmth and dimension to your face. A subtle swipe of metallic eyeliner or a metallic inner corner highlight can instantly elevate your look.

GET THE LOOK: Evalina's Radiant Glaze highlighter can be used on your cheeks, nose or on the eyes as a beautiful highlighter to give you a glorious luminous shimmer.

Graphic Liner

For those who love to experiment with bold and artistic makeup looks, graphic liner is a trend to try this fall. Create sharp winged lines, geometric shapes, or bold, colorful designs around your eyes. The possibilities are endless, and this trend allows you to showcase your creativity. Black and metallic liners work well for classic and edgy graphic liner looks alike.

GET THE LOOK: Evalina's Precision eyeliner is the ultimate tool to create a variety of looks from day into night to create a daytime, barely-there tight line or a bolder special occasion statement line.

Fluffy Brows

Full, natural-looking brows continue to be a must-have in the world of makeup. This fall, embrace your natural brow shape and opt for a fluffy, brushed-up brow style. Use a brow gel or wax to hold your brows in place and fill in any sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder. Soft, well-groomed brows frame the face beautifully and enhance your overall look.

GET THE LOOK: Evalina's Sculpt visibly thickens your brows and grooms them into place all day long with's its easy-to-use soft wax thickening agents.

Glowing Skin

Image of woman with beautiful dewy skin

Healthy, glowing skin is always in style, and this season is no exception. Invest in skincare products that hydrate and nourish your skin to achieve that coveted radiant complexion. Illuminating primers, dewy foundations, and creamy highlighters can help you achieve a luminous glow. Keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated by incorporating a good skincare routine into your daily regimen.

GET THE LOOK: Evalina's Dew Beauty Benefit cream is a multi-tasking powerhouse that provides sheer coverage for a dewy look with a luminous glow and the coveted 'no makeup' look.

Fall is a season of change and transition, and your makeup can reflect that by embracing the rich, warm, and dramatic fall makeup trends of 2023. Whether you prefer classic berry lips, earthy eyeshadows, metallic accents, graphic liner, fluffy brows, or glowing skin, there's a trend to suit your style. Experiment, have fun, and let your makeup be an expression of your inner beauty and creativity. This fall, step outside with confidence, knowing that you're showcasing the best of autumn's beauty on your face.

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