Get Glam for the Holidays With These Top 5 Makeup Picks

Get Glam for the Holidays With These Top 5 Makeup Picks

From shimmery lids to luminous skin, dazzle your way into the holiday season with these glow-to makeup looks

The holidays are the perfect time to glam up your look—red lips, glitzy eyeshadow, luscious lashesthe more, the merrier!

But if all that sounds a little dauntingfret not—we've got just the products for you. Whether you're heading to the office Christmas party or out for festive drinks with friends, this easy-to-apply, no-fuss makeup is sure to get you noticed.

See below for our top five picks to give you that holiday glow...

1. Luminous Face Primer in Celestial, $45

It's all about the base. Evalina's Luminous Face Primer is a multi-tasking powerhouse that will make your face look naturally radiant. This paraben-free product works to hydrate and prepare the skin for makeup, while enhancing overall tone by blurring and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can be applied under your makeup for an overall glow, or can be used as a highlighter.

2. Radiant Glaze Highlighter, $39

Best worn over Evalina's Luminous Primer and BB Cream, Radiant Glaze is an innovative gel highlighter that gives skin a warm, even glow with just the right amount of shimmer. This water-based highlighter is extremely blendable, and has moisturizing properties so it repairs while you wear. Simply dab the product onto the high points of your cheekbones and the tip of your nose for a beautiful radiant effect.

3. Shimmer Eyeshadow Sticks, $26

If you're looking for eye makeup that's quick and easy to apply, Evalina's Shimmer Eyeshadow Sticks are for you. These creamy shadows are long-lasting and let you line, highlight and create smoky looks with a shimmering pop of colour in an instant. The smooth-glide formula is easily buildable, or can be layered with other shades for added glimmer and drama. Apply them as an eyeshadow, or as an eyeliner with the narrow, angled edge to add an unexpected dose of drama.

4. Flutter Lash Volumizer Mascara, $36

The perfect complement to Evalina's Shimmer Eyeshadow Sticks, Flutter Lash Volumizer Mascara delivers definition and length for beautiful, natural-looking lashes. The soft, luxurious brush catches every hair to coat lashes evenly, leaving a rich ultra-black colour—and the tapered profile will reach even the inner corners and lower lashes. Plus, it features nutrient-rich candelilla in jojoba oil to help product adhere to lashes.

5. Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Poppy, $32

Evalina Beauty's Moisturizing Lip Gloss is made with rich emollients, vitamin E and antioxidants for a smooth, hydrating and nourishing application that will replenish your lips. Poppythis lovely sheer red shadeis perfect for all of your festive occasions and can be worn by itself or layered over a more vibrant red lipstick. With a non-sticky formula that has long-lasting colour and a mirror-like shine, this lip gloss will be your go-to for a dazzling natural glow with a hint of sparkle this season.

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