Why It’s Probably Time for New Makeup Brushes

Why It’s Probably Time for New Makeup Brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes fresh and clean is an important part of your daily hygiene

Caring forand knowing when it's time to replace your makeup brushescan mean the difference between a smooth, glowing complexion or regular breakouts and skin irritations.

We've got expert tips on how to maintain your trusty makeup tools, and how to determine when it's time to kiss them goodbye... 

1. Why you need to clean your makeup brushes

Your skin is an ecosystem and your body's largest organ. Which means every time you use your makeup brushes (you know, the ones that have been laying at the bottom of your makeup bag, exposed to bacteria, dust and product build-up), you're spreading and applying all those germs back onto your face. Dirty makeup brushes can clog your pores and lead to acne breakouts, and/or even skin infections. I know, gross, right? Plus, cleaning your brushes and removing old makeup gunk will help provide a smoother application. 

2. How to clean your makeup brushes

We're all guilty of putting off the tedious task of cleaning our makeup brushes. It's one of those things on the to-do list that never actually gets done. However, brushes should be cleaned at least every two weeks, depending on when you start to see product build-up.

The best way to wash your makeup brushes? Lukewarm water and a gentle soap (or brush cleanser)it's that easy. Wash your hands, wet the bristles, and use the palm of your hand to lather up the soap before gently massaging the bristles in a circular motion. Then, rinse the bristles thoroughly (be careful not to get the handle wet as this can loosen the glue), and press dry with a clean towel. 

3. When is it time to replace your makeup brushes?

Nobody likes goodbyes, but there are some clear signs as to when it's time to wave TTFN to our trusty applicators. If your brushes begin to shed, feel stiff or scratchy, and leave tiny hairs behind, it could mean the glue holding the bristles is loosening and the brush is no longer holding its original form, which will affect application. Another telltale sign is when your brushes start to smell a little 'off', and they don’t return to their natural shape after a cleanse, it's time to replace them.

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