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True Beauty Comes From Within

The Transformative Power of Daily Meditation

Over the years, luminaries such as Oprah and Apple Founder Steve Jobs have extolled the virtues of daily meditation. The benefits of this practice are well-documented, with meditation known to reduce stress, enhance physical and emotional well-being, and even foster a spiritual connection while kindling creativity.

Personally, I've always aspired to establish a daily meditation routine. However, I struggled with the challenges of finding the time, patience, and discipline to sit quietly for a few minutes each day. It was a desire that often remained unfulfilled until this past year, during which I faced significant life transitions, and my mindset became mired in negativity, insecurity, and fear. I realized I needed to take proactive steps to safeguard my mental health, so I decided I would try a daily morning meditation practice to set a positive tone for the day ahead, and help improve my mindset.

After years of wanting to meditate but failing to do so consistently, I finally succeeded by integrating it into my daily routine. I discovered a short, four-minute guided meditation session (specifically choosing a brief one to accommodate my schedule and set myself up for success) and made it a part of my morning ritual. Just as I always find time to brush my teeth and apply mascara, I reasoned that embedding meditation into my morning "getting ready" routine would ensure my success to find four minutes each day to this practice.

I am now on a streak of 48 consecutive days of meditation, which is the longest I've ever sustained. What worked for me was integrating meditation into my daily routine, making it less tempting to find excuses not to meditate and creating a habit. The most common excuse I used to have was that I couldn't spare the time to slow down and meditate.

The benefits of meditation are many and widely acknowledged. Among other things, meditation fosters resilience, enabling individuals to rebound from adversity. A daily practice builds emotional strength and adaptability, equipping us to cope with life's challenges and setbacks. Ultimately, it leads to emerging from difficult situations with greater fortitude and a more positive perspective.

For me, this daily practice has fundamentally altered my outlook, instilling in me a more positive and hopeful mindset. I am much happier throughout the day with less anxiety, and more present and optimistic amidst major life changes.

If you're contemplating the idea of daily meditation, I totally recommend finding a way to integrate it into your daily routine to create a habit. Whether it's part of your morning routine, paired with your morning coffee, or following your morning oral care, creating a habit around it is key. I know that's what finally has worked for me.

In a world filled with constant information, distractions, and busyness, it's easy to disregard meditation as an optional luxury. By devoting just a few minutes each day to this practice, you can unlock the transformative potential of meditation and take significant steps toward a happier, healthier life. Because true beauty always emanates from within.

Samantha xo

CEO & Founder, Evalina Beauty.

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LOVE this! Thanks for the inspiring and informative read! Can’t wait to incorporate meditation into my daily routine! Xx


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