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Essential Makeup Brush Set

Essential Makeup Brush Set

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Great brushes are the key to creating a beautiful makeup look. Evalina Beauty’s Essential Makeup Brush Kit was designed by makeup artist Ana Allen, who has worked as a makeup artist for more than a decade. Whether you need a brush for blending or to draw a fine line, this kit has everything you need to apply makeup simply and effortlessly.




Eyeshadow Brush
This brush is designed to be almost the same size as your fingertip. It’s less for blending and more for applying product. Use it to sweep or spread colour onto your eyelid. Dab the colour on for a more intense effect.

Blush Brush
This big, soft brush can be used for anything with a powder texture, like blush, bronzer or face powder. It’s designed to be the same width as the cheekbone so you don’t accidentally overdo it!

Foundation Brush
This brush is designed to apply liquid foundation; the dense top allows you to dab or buff for full coverage, but you can also apply in long strokes with the side of the brush for lighter coverage.

Crease Brush
This super-versatile tool is made for defining and sculpting hard-to-reach places. Use the crease brush wherever you need more detail, whether that’s for eye makeup or to contour your nose or lower lip.

Liner Brush
When you need a fine line, with liquid liner or eyeshadow, this is the brush you should reach for. Try flicking it for a cat-eye look or apply under the lash line for a smoky eye. BONUS: you can also use this brush for lipstick application!

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